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  OnLine папки
Say goodbye to the nerves around the storage of files on disks, removable memory, or emailing important files!
Online folder gives you secure, 24 / 7 access to your most important files from any computer with an Internet connection - just log in and download, store or share everything - from business reports to personal videos. Whether you're at home, at work or on the road, Online folders are easy and affordable solution for managing files.

Windows XP includes a network manager, you can use as an FTP client. You use an FTP client to access the OnLine folders from a remote location. OnLine to access the folder through Windows XP you will need:
  • FTP Username - This is a user name for your folder OnLine.
  • FTP Password - This is the password for your online OnLine folder.
  • FTP site URL - ftp://www.asphostbg.net 

To use Windows XP Network Place as an FTP client, you must create a connection to your OnLine folder. Once you establish this connection to your OnLine folder, you can access your files and folders you access to one of your folders in Windows.

  1. For to create a Network Place in Windows XP, click Start and select My Network Places.
  2. 2.Under the Network Tasks sidebar, select Add a network place. Will appear Network Place Wizard.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click Choose another network location and click Next.
  5. Choose website for your folder OnLine: ftp://www.asphostbg.net. Click Next.
  6. Make shure that the option "Log on anonymously" is not selected. Enter your username for access. Click Next.
  7. Will show the name of your folder OnLine. Give another name if you like, or click Next to accept it by default.
  8. Click Finish, to complete.
  9. After clicking Finish, your OnLine folder will open in a new window will open windows with "Log On As". Enter FTP (OnLine folder) password and click Log On.
  10. OnLine can open your folder at any time by selecting Start My Network Places and click on your folder OnLine

OnLine folder Features:

  • Easy to use. Accessing, sharing and managing files and folders quickly and easily.
  • Back up, download or share your files anytime, from any computer that has Internet connection.
  • Quickly and easily back up files from your computer OnLine folder, or by automated schedule or manually. To download files from OnLine folder on your computer or to synchronize files from your computer with those in OnLine folder.
  • Easy to download and save multiple files at once. Access to online files directly from your desktop.
  • Organizing your files has never been easier.
  • Compress and decompress even the largest files with a single spin around to get the most out of your storage space.
  • Accessible. Only cents per day you get user-friendly interface, ample storage and immediate access to your files.
  • Security and backup servers keep your personal files safe and safety, protection against hackers, viruses and other Internet threats.

How to get Username and password
Order any of the plans shown below and receive email shti username and password. You will receive an invoice for the service you have to pay the instructions in your ways or here 


mssql 2005 hosting


Windows FTP
50 MB 

3.95 EUR


Windows FTP
1000 MB 

5.95 EUR
mssql 2005 hosting
30-day period for payment ASPhostBG asp.net and mssql hosting ASPhostBG asp.net and mssql hosting
Instant activation ASPhostBG asp.net and mssql hosting ASPhostBG asp.net and mssql hosting
Monthly Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Fee
6 Monthly Fee 4.40 EUR (20%) 6.90 EUR (20%)
12 Monthly Fee 3.85 EUR (30%) 5.95 EUR (30%)
Installation Fee 0 EUR 0 EUR
Contract Period No Contract No Contract
Included Space 50MB 1000MB
Monthly data transfer 2GB 10GB
Included FTP users 1 3

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