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Reseller Program ASPhostBG
The program allows to use online services as well as for your so and needs of others as their own prices and quotas for their customers. For keeping your job ASPhostBG provides 24 hour skilled technical maintaining equipment and software for managing accounts
Advertising or web agencies, Internet providers, IT and other companies or individuals Partners can sell Internet services presented in www.asphostbg.net in the following conditions:

1. To obtain the status of a partner the person is necessary to fully and correctly completed form "Registration" in www.asphostbg.net.
2. The partners select and purchase provided by the dealer ASPhostBG plan. Create for its customers own hosting plans, sell them to their selected prices. 
3. Partners use automatic billing system and notification, as use their own data - business name or trademark, bank accounts, Paypal.com and ePay.bg accounts.
4. Partners can use, indicating system support ASPhostBG consultation and problems with hosting, domains, databases and related applications their customers.
5. With the acquisition of partner status (implementation of item 1 from the Partner), ASPhostBG Set dealer account.
5. The services described on the site www.asphostbg.net, their final price and features may be changed at any time by ASPhostBG.
6. Partner is required to know services and conditions for their use and to monitor their validity.
7. The partner is obliged to follow rules and policies of ASPhostBG.
8. All prices of products and services are final and no hidden fees.
9. Agreement is in force with the acquisition of the status of Partner for the period of the purchased Dealer hosting plan. 
10. If the partner wishes to terminate the status , he must notify ASPhostBG via email.
11. Partner, which has continued hosting plan and has waived status his partner and wants to restore it can do so by purchasing a new hosting term, which extends the partnership with the duration of the purchased term.

Possibilities of dealer control panel
Create Your Own Hosting Packages
Create your own hosting packages that can be purchased by customers her. Create your own prices and choose your clients quota, disk space databases, etc. Domain Registration
Control Panel not only allows you to create hosting packages, but can be used sell domains to your customers. The system works with Enom and Directi domain reseller accounts.
Система за плащане на клиентите
Use the system automatically billing its customers control panel sending pro forma invoices, upcoming payments, activation and suspension of hosting plan on behalf of your company. Can be easily integrated cash bank or payment systems, including PayPal, PayPal Pro, 2CheckOut, AuthorizeNet, and more.
Reseller control panel
Manage all aspects of its dealer account through their own control mark Panel.
Add your own domain, create a hosting packages for clients, managing client invoices and payments, adding new customers, and many other features. View Demo>>
Контролен панел на клиентите 
Your customers can have their own control panels to manage their hosting packages, adding domains, managing email accounts to see pro their invoices to you, and many other aspects. View Demo>>
DotNetPanel control panel is the most advanced control panel for Windows Server.
Own brand Control Panel - installed on your own your website! DotNetPanel control panel can be installed for you on your own website.
Custom DNS Nameservers
You can create your own Nameservers, so your customers can use them i.e. replace ns1.yourcompany.com, etc., etc. instead ns1.asphostbg.net.
With The distribution control panel can create ordinary user accounts! See all Web sites, databases, user accounts, etc. of all ordinary users lists. Search in all hosting resources. May to work on behalf of each user as the owner. To access the control panel and partially manage its resources (View and delete only), even when all its resources on hosting packages are suspended completely disabled.
You can disable / enable (covering all sub-accounts), user accounts and separate packages.
No need to create another user account to make your own website or create a database data. You can create a package for himself by allocations.
Detailed reports traffic and disk space, broken down by users / packages / resources.
Audit of control for each input movement of their users! See all entrances to consumers / Create / update / delete / ie all activities they engage in Control Panel.

Your hosting account is able to run ASP, ASP.NET 3.5 SP1, 3.0, 2.0, 1.1 applications. ASPhostBG
We are proud to be one of the first web hosting support Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0. All our reseller hosting websites at no extra cost are available LINQ, ASP.NET AJAX, MS Charts, ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller), Silverlight 4 and ets. 

Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008

Use a professional to create systems of SQL Server 2005/2008 databases for use in your web applications, sites.
Alongside your hosting plan is a set of web-based management tools of SQL Server, which allow you to manage, backup, restore, databases.

FTP Достъп
Included in all plans, use the FTP users to securely access your web applications and sites from anywhere with Internet.
Domains and Sub-domains
Manage Domains. While waiting for DNS to be updated, we offer an alternative test domain to see your website Live and make sure everything works before you move your site, such as "Yourdomain.com.asphostbg.net". Create subdomains immediately as "business.yourdomain.com". Poddomeynite work well as full websites with their own settings.
SmarterMail Enterprise 5.x mail server
Our mail servers use the SmarterMail application that delivers Exchange level mail server functions with powerful collaboration tools, anti-spam anti-virus, mailing lists, RSS news feed integration, event calendars, lists contacts, and much more. 
Configure individual password protected mailboxes which can are available through mail client such as Outlook to send and receive electronic mail. Also includes Auto responders, email forwarding, multiple lists receipt and postal service.
Access to your mailboxes to configure anti-spam filters or read and send e-mails from any computer with Internet access and a web browser. In Web 2.0-based services include mail, spell check, contact and events that can be synchronized with Outlook or PocketPC, and many more.
Email virus scanning
E-mail has been scanned by Symantec for virus scanners by detect and eliminate virus before it reaches your inbox. Our virus scanners are updated automatically ensuring that they are constantly up to date with the latest virus definitions
Анти-спам filtering
E-mail is scanned by SpamAssassin filters, each email as SPAM weight Prefix receive SPAM-LOW, SPAM-MIDDLE or SPAM-HIGH as you decide what action to take. You are able to configure spam filters on our servers choose what action to take different factors SPAM, including, but not take no action, filtering junk mail folder or delete.
Greylisting - 97% efficiency in blocking spam!
All mailboxes come with Greylisting, which can effectively stop 97% of SPAM!

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