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in Bulgaria
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   Before contacting customer support to

Please, review our Library of Questions and Answers, answers to commonly asked questions and common problems are posted there.

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Technical Support

Normally we offer customer support through our Support Ticket System and emails. Since the specific client information for each account is different from and knowing which account is sent to help in quick decisions. Therefore we give priority to letters generated by the Support Ticket system. You can join her here
The letters generated by the Support Ticket System answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you need help, but you are not included in our Support Ticket System, please send us bear that in your domain and username of support@asphostbg.net or click here to send a message, which will enter into the maintenance system.

ASPhostBG hosting Sales
Phone: +359886323774
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 21:00
E-mail: sales@asphostbg.net
ASPhostBG Clients / Billing
Phone: +359886771638
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 21:00
E-mail: billing@asphostbg.net
ASPhostBG Technical Support
Онлайн support: Support Center (tickets are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!)
Library of questions and answers: Search the Library answers your questions!
E-mail: support@asphostbg.net
Телефон: +359886771638
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 9:00 - 21:00

Help programming publications

We do not offer a separate free website programming, website design, or consulting services, because we must give priority to our technical support. Services they are paid and you can find them here http://asphostbg.net/programming.aspx 

 Network and server status
Problems with all networks, servers and devices are published here
 Payment of your account, you can perform the following ways:

  3. Paypal  

Enter amount EUR for example: 4.25
  * The amount you want to add to your account

enter the payment
  * reason for writing: email, with which you registered 

click here to pay

1. Using ePay.bg system 

Enter amount
for example: 8.50
  * The amount you want to add to your account

enter the payment

  * reason for writing: email, with which you registered

click here to pay

2. On behalf of:

IBAN BG91 UNCR 7000 1506 8494 91
UniCredit Bulbank UNCRBGSF

* reason for writing: email, with which you registered

 4. With credit card
mssql 2005 hosting   - soon

   ASPhostBG is owned ASPHOSTBG Ltd..

Used software and hardware

MS Server 2003 WEB Edition
   Using powerful and secure server

MS SQL Server 2005
   Depending on the plan chosen size and number databases. Web-based version of WEB Data Administrator is also available at: http://sql.asphostbg.net/

DotNetPanel Control Panel
   Each user gets their own Control Panel for controlling Domain, DNS, sites, emails, FTP accounts, databases. Module has a built - inspection and purchase of domains. DotNet information on the control panel you can find here User Guide
Direct access to Control Panel here


SmarterMail email server
   Depending on the plan, each user uses a mail well protected from viruses and spam. In incredible WEB interface, e-mail unless have Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and possibilities for importing data from Outlook.

SmarterStat statistics
   Use statistics to monitor performance of all Site - consumers, traffic, search engines, CEO review activity. 
Domain Registration
   Everyone who buys a domain receives its own control panel its domain. Control Panel here


System Maintenance
   The system maintenance is being investigated for any problem
system or problems of clients.

Monitoring System Services.
   Automatic tracking system and report any problem immediately. Each issue is examined by the team to complete abolition.

OnLine Chat
   Live Chat with clients - relationship with our employees

System for tracking bugs.
   Observation of our supported sites for program errors as report unhandled exceptions in ASP.NET web applications. Every problem be considered by the team to complete abolition.
ELMAH: Error Logging
Modules and Handler
Used Hardware
DELL Poweredge Servers
Dual Core Xeon
SCSI 320 Drives RAID
DELL PowerConnect 
UPS Backup
      NEW - WebMatrix support
 ASP.NET hosting plans
 ASP.NET resellers plans
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ASP.NET Хостинг речник
Control panel 
Website or web application that will log in with username and password, where You can do all kinds of operations related to the hosting fee and adding, delete, change domain / site / FTP / database / customer / statistics Sites / SharePoint sites and organizations to exchange / mailbox and others.

User Space

Applies to all resource users. The user can have multiple subscriptions for one or more servers and each subscription can have one or more customers which in turn can have their customers.

Hosting Space
Applies to all areas of Web sites, FTP accounts, databases, files, ftp.
Hosting plan
Applies to subscriptions prepared for hosting customers or clients. They are created in the Online Store in the control panel DotNetPanel.

Online Store
You can select the hosting plan that meets your requirements.
Disk Space
Refers to the total storage capacity of all resources of the subscription.

Refers to the total traffic for downloading and uploading any resources associated with appropriate hosting plan.

Webmail is a website that has access to one email account like Yahoo or email hostmail simply will not be shown ads, and many additional features. Webmail with access through http://mail.yourdomain.com
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