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This website is controlled and managed by Avtoboy Ltd. from its office in Bulgaria under the name "ASPhostBG.net". Those who choose the products and services Site do so on their own volition and are responsible for the consequences with applicable local laws.
Individuals, organizations and businesses located in countries subject to embargo by Bulgaria and any person or company in bankruptcy can not conclude contracts relating to the products or services available from ASPhostBG.net. By placing your order You acknowledge that you are such a person, organization or business. 

General conditions for use of the "Shared ASP.NET Hosting "

Art. 1. This disclaimer is intended to regulate relations between'ASPHOSTBG' Ltd. , Smolyan 4700, str 'Dawn' № 12, UIC 131,449,987, registered under company № 8105/2005, of Smolyan Municipal Court, represented by Ms. Vidka Sarafova, manager, hereinafter referred to as PROVIDER, and consumers, hereinafter USERS , the provision of its registration services and management domains, hereafter referred to as services.

ІІ. DATA PROVIDER Art. 2. Information according to Law on Electronic Commerce and Law on Protection of user:
  1. Name of Provider: 'ASPHOSTBG' Ltd.
  2. ЕИК 200204211
  3. Details for correspondence:  Email: sales@asphostbg.net , тел:+359 878 216772
III. CHARACTERISTICS OF SERVICE Art. 3. Service provided by the Provider to the user include the following:
1.Predostavyane free space on a server supplier, which user has the right to publish and share with others information on the Internet;
2.Predostavyane access to the administrative panel for posting, processing and dispose of the information provided to the shared space;
3.Predostavyane the possibility of using electronic mail;
4.Predostavyane of service parameters according to selected user subscription plan;
5.Predostavyane technical support service;
Art. 4. (1) The supplier shall provide, Service users and use the parameters of the selected users subscription.
(2) provides the Service Provider in the good faith, reasonable and accepted in practice and consumption. The supplier announces indicative list of fraudulent use and technical limitations of software and service in politics.
(3) In case of detecting deviations from the benefit under par. 2, supplier may temporarily or permanently reduce or terminate the provision of service.
Art. 5. (1) The supplier provides services for remuneration payable by the user chosen by him under the subscription plan.
(2) Information about the different subscription plans are available at: http://asphostbg.com/Plans.aspx. Art. 6. (1) The user pays the price of the service at the beginning of each subscription period. (2) The supplier confirms receipt of payment via the service activation.
(3) The user has the right within 30 calendar days to abandon the use service and to terminate the contract without notice and without giving any reason for this.
(4) In cases under para. 3 suppliers recover all the user paid amount for the service.
(5) In cases under para. 3 is not recoverable amounts paid for services that once carried out by the supplier and have already been made. For such services shall be considered: domain registration, website registration in popular portals and search, making web site, systemic administration and others.
(6) In cases under para. 3 suppliers shall be entitled to deduct the amount of refund value of all fees and commissions paid by the supplier directly associated with providing service to the user and return paid by User amount.
(7) In cases under para. 3, where the user has received some form additional benefit that is linked to tangible and intangible costs from the supplier, he is entitled to reimbursement of the user to deduct the cost of a given subject, the amount refundable. For additional benefit can be considered gifts, current promotions and any other costs incurred by PROVIDER in connection with the provision of services and not included in the description


Art. 7 (1) To use the service user should introduce a password chosen by him Remote access.
(2) The password for remote access is determined by the user, by means of online registration on the site of the Provider www.asphostbg.net, accordance with the procedure laid down in it.
(3) By filling in your details and clicking on "Yes, I accept" and "Register" The user declares that he is familiar with these terms and conditions, agreed with their content and undertakes to unconditionally comply with them.
(4) The provider confirms the user registration done by sending letter referred to by the user of an electronic mail address at which data is sent and Activation of registration. After activation establishes a user account and between it and the supplier contractual relations arise.
(5) Upon registration user is required to provide true and current data. The user commits a change promptly to update data specified in your registration.
Art. 8. (1) The provider provides the user access to an administrative panel Remote use of the Service.
(2) The user is entitled to drive through service only provided by Provider Administrative Panel and standing with the supplied name and password.
(3) The user has the right to remote access only for him to separate Area of the Provider's server.
Art. 9 (1) The user has the right to share information with its recording of the supplied Provider of space on a server connected to the Internet.
(2) The provider provides connectivity to the Internet server and technical tests equipment within the chosen subscription plan.
(3) The user has the right to store information on separate space for it Provider of server and via special software, just as much as it not affect the functioning and security of the server.
Art. 10. (1) The provider provides the user the option of using self - e-mail service.
(2) The user may use e-mail service within the parameters selected by his subscription.
Art. 11. (1) The user has the right to use the service fairly and as intended.
(2) When using the service, the user should not use software scripts programming languages and other technologies that could create difficulties in its use by other users.
(3) the user is using technology and design their sites in a manner that is accordance with modern requirements for security, functionality and efficiency. Site created by the user using the service should not create server load, which exceeds the normal practice is adopted and consumption service "Shared Hosting".
(4) The user shall not use the Service to create and provide Internet games. Internet game for the purposes of this article is organizing promotions, quizzes and similar such activities.
(5) The user shall not use the Service to establish a "proxy" and launch of resident programs.
(6) The user undertakes not to use the service as follows:
  • for publication, dissemination or in any way, data communications, text, computer files or other materials that are contrary to the Bulgarian law applicable foreign laws, current conditions, Internet ethics morality, and which violate the rights of third parties such as:
  • copyright or related rights to them, trademarks, patents or other rights of intellectual property ownership, and any other property or moral rights or legitimate interests of third parties;
  • representing commercial, personal or professional secrets or other confidential information;
    for publication, distribution or provision of software or other computer files that contain viruses or other risk programs or their components.
  • for publication or transfer of pornographic and illegal material.
  • the publication of data, messages, text, computer files or other materials containing a threat to life and inviolability of human promoters discrimination, advocating a fascist, racist or other anti-democratic ideology whose content violates the rights or freedoms under the Constitution and laws Republic of Bulgaria or international regulations calling for violent change the constitutionally established order, to commit a crime, etc.
(7) The user agrees to not use the Service for sending unsolicited mail - spam. Violation of this requirement is grounds for suspension of the service for which provider notify the user. In re Action Provider is entitled to unilaterally terminate the service provision without notice.
Art. 12. (1) The operator provides the equipment for self-service access and its management.
(2) provision of services include the provision of domain name.
Art. 13. (1) In order to improve the quality of service, perform maintenance, troubleshooting and other related activities, the supplier has the right temporarily restrict or suspend the operation of the service.
(2) In cases under para. 1, the supplier is obligated to promptly reimburse the grant service after dropping out of the fact, which is the reason for termination.
Art. 14. The supplier shall provide technical support for users of services selected according to user subscription plan.
Art. 15. (1) The supplier shall take measures to protect the privacy of the user under the Act to protect personal data.
(2) For reasons of security of personal data of users, the supplier will send data only to e-mail address that was specified by users at the moment registration.
Art. 16. (1) At any time before, during or after provision of the Service The supplier may require the user to identify himself and to certify reliability of each of the stated during the registration process circumstances and personal data.
(2) If for some reason user has forgotten or lost your name and password, the provider may implement a procedure for lost or forgotten names and passwords.
Art. 17. (1) These Terms may be amended by the Provider, which the latter will adequately inform all users of the service.
(2) The supplier and user agree that any supplement or amendment of these Terms will be effective to the user after explicit notification from the Supplier and if the user does not declare it in the provided 14-day period that rejected them.
(3) The user agrees that all statements made by the Provider in relation to climate these general conditions will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the user during registration for use of the Service. Users of the service agreed that e-mails sent under this Article is not necessary be signed with electronic signature to have effect in respect thereof.
Art. 18. Provider shall publish these Terms at http://asphostbg.com/TermsOfUse.aspx, together with all additions and changes to them.
Art. 19. The contract for the provision of service is terminated:
  • with the expiry of the contract in accordance with user selected period of subscription plan;
  • termination and declaration of liquidation or bankruptcy of one by the parties;
  • by mutual agreement of the parties in writing;
  • for objective inability of any of the parties to fulfill her;
  • for seizure or sealing of equipment by public bodies;.
  • in cases under Art. 11, para. 6 of these Terms;
Art. 20. Provider has the right in its sole discretion, without notice and to make without compensation to unilaterally terminate the contract if it finds that the services are used in violation of these Terms, Policies adopted by the Provider, legislation in Bulgaria, generally accepted moral generally accepted norms or rules for use of the "Shared Hosting".
Art. 21. (1) In the event that the user terminate this agreement early, the user Provider due to a penalty in the amount of compensation due for the remaining contract period.
(2) If the provider has received the full amount of the contract period, salary paid by the user is taken to compensate the supplier for the early termination contract.
(3) In the event that this contract be terminated unilaterally by the Supplier for culpable default to the user, the latter due to the Provider penalty in the amount of compensation due for the remaining contract period.
Art. 22. In case of culpable breach of obligations to provide the user of the Service Provider has the right to forfeit the amount of remuneration due for the remaining contract period.
Art. 23. In case of receipt of complaint from a third party to use the service in violation of statutory provisions, rules of morality or the provisions of these general terms, the parties agree that Provider has the right to temporarily restrict providing the service or access to information of the user to clarify case.
Art. 24. The user undertakes to indemnify and to discharge to the Provider in lawsuits and other claims by third parties (whether they are reasonable or not) for all damages and expenses (including attorneys' fees and court costs) arising out of or in connection with (1) failure of any of obligations under this Contract (2) breach of copyright, producing, broadcasting rights or other rights intellectual or industrial property, and (3) improperly transferred other persons of rights granted to the user, the duration and conditions of contract.
Art. 25. Provider is not liable in case of failure to provide connectivity or operation of technical equipment in a given period of time because force majeure, fortuitous events, problems on the Internet, technical or other objective reasons, including orders of the competent state authorities.
Art. 26. (1) The supplier shall not be liable for damages caused by the user of third parties.
(2) Provider is not liable for material or moral damage expressed in lost profits or damages caused to the user in the process of nezipolzvane or use of the Service.
(3) Provider is not responsible for the time during which service was not provided the user on the basis of Art. 23.
Art. 27. (1) Provider is not liable in cases of measures to overcome Security technical equipment through which the service is provided by This followed the loss of information, dissemination of information, access to information restricting access to information, changes to the published sites to the user information and other similar effects.
(2) Provider is not liable in case of granting access to information loss or alteration of data or service parameters, occurred as a result of false bring a third person present to the user, if the circumstances can judge that this person is the user.
Art. 28. User and supplier is obliged to protect each other's rights and the legitimate interests and to protect its trade secrets come to their knowledge in the process of implementing the contract and these general conditions.
(1) The user and the supplier shall during and after the period the contract is not made public written or verbal correspondence held between them. For the public can be considered the publication of correspondence in printed and electronic media and internet forums, personal or public Web sites and others.
Art. 29. In case of conflict between these general terms and conditions in a special contract between the provider and user preference shall apply the provisions of special contract.
Art. 30. Possible invalidity of any provision of these Terms and Conditions not invalidate the entire contract.
Art. 31. All disputes arising from this general conditions or relating to them if can not be settled amicably between the supplier and the user through negotiations will be referred for settlement by the Court of Arbitration at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Auditors, in accordance with its Rules of cases based on arbitration agreements, as would be applicable Bulgarian law.
Art. 32. For this outstanding contract issues with the implementation and interpretation this contract shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and policies.
Art. 33. These Terms come into force for all users of 01 june 2008
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