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* Registration of domains com, net, org, eu, and many others

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Manage DNS
For more information on the management of DNS servers, click here >>

Management of the DNS server allows you to manage DNS areas of your names. You can add / modify / delete the A, CNAME, MX, NS and SOA records
Only for 6.62 лв. for year 
Domain/Mail Forwаrding
For more information on re-Mail, click here>> >>

You can redirect all mail for anything@yourdomain.com to any email address. We offer the whole process as a service to Redirect Mail ONLY for 6.62 EUR per year
Only for 6.62 лв. for year 

User account from WHOIS and DNS control of your domain settings.

Continuous support and assistance (Tiket system, email, online, phone) for anything related to a domain and hosting services 7 days a week.

Freedom to manage your domain, depending on your needs. The domain is your brand on the Internet and as the owner can at any time to change settings and WHOIS information about it, but also to transfer to another registrar if you wish. Your domain is no problem to keep with us, but from another provider to use hosting.

Free opportunity to use our DNS servers for the domain targeted to a site located on any server by Free Webhosting URL REDIRECT, URL FRAME. Full DNS Control - Set A (IP address), CNAME (synonym), MX (mail) settings, and entering the DNS servers of your hosting provider directly from your user account. Lock and hide WHOIS data.

Extensions Price for year
.com BGN 19.00
.net BGN 19.00
.org BGN 19.00
.info BGN 19.00
.biz BGN 19.00
.us BGN 19.00
.name BGN 19.00
.in BGN 23.87
.co.in BGN 11.93
.net.in BGN 11.93
.org.in BGN 11.93
.gen.in BGN 11.93
.firm.in BGN 11.93
.ind.in BGN 11.93
.cc BGN 29.17
.tv BGN 42.44
.mn BGN 66.32
.bz BGN 31.83
.ws BGN 21.21
.mobi BGN 26.53
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